National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe/ST Students Online Registration/Eligibility Criteria/Benefits List & Process

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    |$| National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students |$|
    The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India can provide the scholarship for schedules Tribe students. This award is known as national overseas so students who can take education in the foreign country. It helps for their higher education like the master level course, Ph. D and post-doctoral and other. The user needs to check all type of details here like eligibility, documents, and other details. For information about this scheme, students need to visit in online website name as It

    It contains all information in computerizing form so every person can apply here form without any issue. They need to fill the application form for national overseas scholarship and enter details here. All details are found here are required correct and valid otherwise form is rejected here. After submitting form, application number is given to user so they check here status about form. It gives result their scholarship is processed or not. If not then contact to school, the education institute in which form submit.

    All information is given here necessary for the user like the name of the applicant, scholarship name and other. This online website is design and developed by the national informatics center. They can maintain portal so it runs without any error in the different type of web browser. But all content here is avail by the concerned department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old content here which not used by any person about scholarship services and other.

    Now check here all type of schemes here like scholarship, vocational training and other. All services given here is necessary for users if they need to apply so read all details here one by one? This portal is open all 24 X 7 days so every person can use from their home, office or any place in which they feel comfortable. They need computer and internet connection with best or medium speed, the applicant also visits in cyber café in their area and open given the website.

    They also add here their mobile number and email id here for communication about provided services and upcoming scholarship renew and update program. Now read all avail details, downed here application form as their need. It also contains link of another website so they apply other services here. The contact address is given here note down for manual process or gets any help on topic for avail services. it contains phone number and e-mail id here.

    |$| National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students |$|
    This scholarship is given to those students who can study in the foreign university in specie file of master level course, Ph. D and postdoctoral research program in the field of engineering, technology, and science. This scheme is revised time to time and introduces in the year 1954 – 55. It was the non-plan scheme which became a planning scheme from 2007 – 2008.

    Silent Features:
    1. The financial assistance is given to 15 merit students of which there are 13 ST, and 2 are PTG who can pursue higher studies abroad at master level and Ph. D and post-doctoral research programs in some 35 disciplines of engineering, technology, and science.
    2. It provides employment facility for ST students.
    3. There is 100 per cent central assistance is provided directly to candidates.
    4. There are some financial support provided to students till end of competition of course/ research on particular time
    • Postdoctoral research: - 1 and ½ year
    • Ph. D: - 4 year
    • Master degree: - 3 year
    • There is online passage grant for 4 ST students every year in respite of merit scholarship for postgraduate studies, research or training aboard which include attending the seminar, workspace, conferences from a foreign government/ organization and under any other schemes where the cost of passage is not provided here.
    • The students who are selected for given scholarship are given the cost of tuition and other educational fees charged by the foreign university and other maintenance and another grant with travel expense.
    • This award is permitted to supplement their prescribed allowance by training research/ training assistantship up to specify ceiling. The maintained under this scheme shall be corresponding reduced by Indian mission aboard
    Eligibility Criteria for Scheme:
    1. The students who want scholarship are belonging to ST community. They need some proof at time of applying here.
    2. The candidate's mark is 60 percent or equivalent grade in relevant degree for master degree, Ph. D and post-doctoral research, documents are needed here
    3. There is less than 35 year.
    4. The total income of self or their family/ guardian is not more than RS 25, 000 per month
    5. There is not more than one child of same parents/ guardian is eligible for the scholarship.
    6. Candidates who are employment need to forward their application through their employer with N.O.C (no objection certificate)
    7. After selection here, candidates obtain admission and join an accredited university/institute abroad within three-year from the date of commutation of selection.
    Progress of Scholarship Scheme
    11th Five Years Plan Period:
    • 2007-08 to 2011-12: - RS 1.54 crore
    12th Five Years Plan Period:
    • 2012- 13: - RS 1.00 crore
    • 2013- 14: - RS 0.672 crore
    • 2014- 15: - RS 1.00 crore
    Students, check here detail for the national foreign scholarship here. You need to read here all details one by one and apply for given services at any time with all documents. Check here eligibility for apply and befits which is given to candidates.
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