Guidelines for Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of National Fellowship & Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students by Ministry of Tribal Affairs

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    For information about scholarship like eligibility, benefits and other are provided by the ministry of tribal affairs, government of India. They provide different type of scholarship services to their citizens so they apply easily here. Most of user wants online service it can save their time and provide result in short time. They can provide here online website so user can collect information about scholarship and apply for it any time. User needs to fill application form with correct details for given scholarship services for their higher education. At time of submit, make sure that all details are correct otherwise form is rejected here. After submit form, application number is given to user so they check status about form which is process or not. It also used for renew of center sector scholarship scheme. They need to check all details by enter this application number on given portal. It name is which contains all information in computerize form so every person can apply here. This online website is designed and developed by the national informatics center. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of web browser. But all content here is avail by the concerned department. they can add here new details time to time and remove old content here about scholarship which not used by any person. It contains two types of languages so user not faces any issue for scholarship services here. User need to select any here at time of visit here. It provides application form which is filled by students for their education or other services help. Now read here all details one by one and apply for required services. You need to collect information here about different scholarship for boys, girl merit bases and other. this portal is open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here any time form their home, office or any place in which they feel comfortable for apply. They need internet connection and computer to open given website or also visit in cyber café in their area. Contact address is given here so note down it for manual processes. Now read all given details and update your mobile number and e mail id at time of apply scholarship services in any time.

    // guidelines for central sector scholarship scheme of national fellowship and scholarship for higher education of ST students //

    Their area some guidelines are avail here for apply central sector scholarship scheme of national fellowship and scholarship for higher education of ST students.
    • In year 2015 – 2016 list of top class institute for top class education scholarship has been revised.
    • In year 2007 – 2008 a central sector scholarship scheme for ST students are introduced. It can encourage the merit based students for their degree and post graduate level in any of institute identified by ministry of tribal affairs for the purpose.
    Salient features of scholarship scheme
    • It support merit students who can take admission in identified quality education institute.
    • This scholarship is given once to students and it complete until the course end with given marks list.
    • The amount of scholarship can cover tuition fees, boarding, lodging expense, book grant and a onetime grant for purchase of computer along with all type of accessories like keyboard, mouse, C.P.U and other.
    • The ministry of affairs cans provide 100 percent of funding.
    • Each identical institute has been allocated 5 awards. It is increase to overall capacity of 625 scholarships per year.
    • This fund is provided by the ministry of tribal affairs to concerned institute directly.

    Eligibility for apply given scholarship
    • For scholars services in students family not more than RS 2 lakh per Annam.
    • The stunts that can belong to schedules tribe are eligible for scholarship services.
    • If number of ST students can take scholarship in particular institute exceed number of award which allocated to institute than the scholarship will restrict to that number of students who occupied top slot in the inter se merit list.
    Benefits are given here
    • The government / government funded institute can pay full amount of tuition fees and other non refundable dues to students who are eligible for given scholarship.
    • In case of students can student in private sector then amount of RS 2 Lakh per annum per students will give.
    • In case of students can study in private sector flying club for commercial pilot training then amount of RS 3.72 lakh per Annam per students are given.
    • For living expense of RS 2200 per month per students are given to students
    • RS 3000 per Annam per students for expenditure on books and stationery is paid.
    • For latest computer with accessories limited to RS 45, 000 as one time assistance during the entire course is paid to students
    Progress of scheme
    Under this scheme during the 11th five year plan period an amount of RS 13.83 crore was released to cover 814 students. In year of 2012 – 2013 the BE is RS 13.00 crore, out of this an amount of RS 6.14 crore is provided to 298 students till date of course completion.

    User, you need to check here scholarship services here for apply. Check here eligibility, benefits and other help here. You need to read all details here one by one and apply for given services.
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