rajpms.nic.in Rajasthan: Login Details and Recover Your Forgot Password for Apply Post Matric Scholarship Procedure by Applicant ID or Name/Date of Birth DOB & Mobile Number Reset

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    rajpms.nic.in: - login and recover your password for apply north matric scholarship

    Students who are register in Rajasthan online scholarship system. They need to login here with user name and password. This detail is send to applicant at time of register here. This service is provided by the social justice and empowerment department, government of Rajasthan. They can provide different type of scholarship services to their citizens. User need to check here all scholarship like post, pre and other for class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. You need to check what type of documents is needed here and how to apply for given services in any time. This portal is designed and developed by the national inform tic center. They can maintain portal so it can run without any error in different type of internet browser. But all content is avail by the concerned department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old information which is no used by any person. Most of user prefers online service it can save their time and provide result in short time. You need to check all option here given on menu bar. After successful register here, user name and password is given on student mobile number. You need to check them and login here. Now you need to enter all details in your profile. It is necessary for all people. Applicant need to entree here correct details if they enter here any wring information then registration are cancel by the department. If user password is lost by them, they need to recover their password here by enter some details. You need to enter your valid mobile number here. It is necessary for all people. After apply, user need to check status of form here. It can provide result about their scholarship is process or not. They can provide details like form is reject, correction require here and other. If form is rejected, you need to apply it form again with correct details. Mobile number and e mail is used by one time; no other person can use it for their purpose. It needs aadhaar card and bhamasha card. If user doesn’t carry any one, they need to first register here first. You also search here application and check students profile here with your login id. Check here latest news about scholarship scheme in PDF form. It is availing all 24 X 7 days.

    //Procedure for login and recover your password//

    Students who are register here they need to login here with username and password. Without login you are not eligible for apply different scholarship scheme here.

    --Login here for apply scholarship--

    Enter following details here: -
    • Enter user name / application id here
    • Enter password here
    • Enter given security here
    Click on login button.
    Now you need to login here and enter all correct details here for apply scholarship.

    ----Recover password here----

    Enter following details here: -

    Select recover choice here: - by your application id here/ by other information

    By your application id
    • Enter applicant id here (optional here)
    • Enter correct mobile number here (mobile number is needed which is used for registration)
    Reset password: - click on this button and recover your password here. New password is provided to user on their registered mobile number so check details here.
    Back: - if you don’t password reset here then click on back button.

    By other information
    • Enter first name here
    • Enter date of birth here
    • Have your remember your mobile number: - YES / NO
    YES: - enter mobile number here
    NO: - enter father extract name
    Enter mother extract name
    Enter e mail address here

    Reset password: - click on this button and recover your password here. New password is provided to user on their registered mobile number so check details here.
    Back: - if you don’t password reset here then click on back button, it can provide you one step back.
    You need to enter here correct details. It can recover your password if you lost it. So check all necessary details here then apply for required services.

    User, we can provide you all details for login and recover password. So check all details here then apply for given services here.
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    I have lost my id password plz help me how can get my id
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    I lost my user name and password so please help me. how i can i recover my user id. i want the procedure regarding this.
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    i had submitted my application form for the last year scholarship but till now no any update or status has been provided by the rajpms to me.
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    name and fathers name,instute name ,address contact me on mob.7065634662
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