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    All the records of Land in the Punjab state has been made computerized. The Punjab Government has started all the task of computerisation of all land record to give transparent, corrupt free and people friendly revenue services to improve the interaction of people with the department.

    Punjab Land Record Society or PLRS launched by the Govt. of Punjab provides the competent and on time services relating to land and revenue. It looks and monitors the execution of computerization and digitization of land records and related documents for the benefit of common people and provided land related services.

    The computerization of land record is very useful and helpful for the people who have a pieces of land or farmer as well as for the Revenue Dept for the formation of new Jamabandi of Village. Now the Owners can obtain the Nakkals of their land record on the spot from any of the Fard Kendra and can get it online.

    Below, we are giving you the steps of getting the Land Fard Online in Punjab State.

    Process to obtain the Land Fard :

    #@>. First you need to go the Official website of Punjab Land Record Society (PLRS)

    #@>. The next page will open, where you will see the page in Punjabi language. You can change the language in English.

    #@>. Now, on this page, you can see the options District, Tehsil, Village and Year.

    #@>. Here you need to select the District Name from the dropdown arrow.

    #@>. Select Tehsil name, ( comes under the selected District)

    #@>. Select the Village name from where you want to download your Fard

    #@>. Enter the year for which you want fard

    #@>. After selection of desired options, click on ‘Search’ button

    #@>. In the next page you will see the options, like, Jamabandi, Mutation, Roznamcha and Mutation after registration. Select the one as per your requirement.

    #@>. For getting Fard/ land record, click on Jamabandi

    #@>. The citizen can get land record searching by :

    a. Owner Name
    b. Khewat Name
    c. Khasra Number
    d. Khatauni Number.

    In case of Mutation, you can search it by providing Mutation Number

    Note : Punjab Governement has also given the name of the villages which have been not uploaded till date.

    PLRS/ Request for Correction of Records :

    Now the land holder also made the PLRS/ Request for Correction of Records as this facility is also provided by the Punjab Govt. Go to the URL : and make the request for correction. Here you have to give some information as all fields are mandatory.

    <>. Name of the Land holder
    <>. Mobile Number
    <>. Email Address
    <>. District, Tehsil, village
    <>. About ( Jamabandi, Mutation, Roznamcha and others)
    <>. Details of correction
    <>. And Submit
  2. where to search the complete details of fard online and jamabandi details
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    can you send me the mutation procedure in Bhikhi punjab. i also want to submit my request to make correction and change of owner name in jamabandi nakal property papers.
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    where to get the land records.
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