fcs.assam.gov.in: BPL/APL/AAY Ration Card Eligibility/Necessary Documents List & Duties of Cardholder Details to Get Food Grains in Assam

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    fcs.assam.gov.in: - type of ration card, eligibility for apply, documents list, duties of cardholder

    In Assam state, ration card is provided by the food, civil supplies and consumer affairs department. It is given to that person who can live in assam state. User needs some proof about address at time of apply here. It helps for purchase essential commodities like rice, sugar, oil and other. Consumer need to check price, quality and quantity which is fixed by the department. It also help for apply other documents which need address proof like passport, connection related services, driving license and other. It is necessary for all people who can apply for ration card services and other certificate. For apply any of ration card user need application form and documents proof. This form is given by the PDS department, user need to collect then. You need to read given form first then enter correct details here. If any of information found here incorrect then correct all otherwise form is not submitted it is go on section of rejected. After submit form here application number is given to user so they check here status about application. If status is given here not process then contact to office in which form is submit. They provide all details like document missing here, correction needed in form and other. User need to correct all details here and again apply for required services. This online website is designed and developed by the AMTRON. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of web browser with latest version. But all content here is avail by concerned department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old content here which not used by any person. They update here new information about ration card. So check all details here. User can check here eligibility for apply, documents type and other. For any help, they need to call on given help line number. This number is avail here in all working days so call here and get solution about their quires in short time. All question need to ask here is based on ration card and services avail here. They provide here facility for sign here but it need user name and password so user can apply here with online services. Now read all details avail here. This portal is open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or any place in which they feel comfortable. They need here internet connection and computer for visit and apply here. For contact address user need to check on menu bar contact us. It contains address here with e mail id and mobile number. You need to note address here and visit for apply or get solution here manually. User also searches here details about ration card which include name, address, family member and other information. Now check all details here then apply required services here about ration cad here with all documents.

    // type of ration card, eligibility for apply //

    For apply any of ration card services user need to check all details here, they also check here eligibility for apply here.

    Type of ration card

    A.A.Y: -
    Color is multicolored cover pages
    Income of family per annum is below RS 1 lakh
    Amount of rice issue per month 35 KG per card
    Rate per KG, 3.00 as per ACT, 2.00 after additional subsidy of RS 1/ kg form government Assam.

    Priority household: -
    Color is multicolored cover pages
    Income of family per annum is below RS 1 lakh
    Amount of rice issue per month 5 KG per member of family
    Rate per KG, 3.00 as per ACT, 2.00 after additional subsidy of RS 1/ kg form government Assam.
    Ration is authorize document which is issued by the government authority for obtain benefits under PDS.
    There are three type of ration card is provided by the NFSA.

    These three types are: -
    • APL: - above poverty line
    • BPL: - below poverty line
    • AAY: - antodaya anna Yojna beneficiaries under P.D.S/ T.P.D.S
    There are one more type of ration card is provided here which is called as MMASY (Mukhya Mantrir Anna Suraksha Yojana) card.

    With implement of NFSA 13 in state there are three type of ration card is issues under NFSA 13.
    • AAY card under NFSA 13
    • Priority household card under NFSA 13

    Who is eligible for apply issuance of ration card in Assam
    1. For new ration card, applicant can apply if they not contain any other ration card. The eldest women of family who is bonafioed citizens of country and its family income is less then RS 1, 00, 00 can apply for new ration card under NFSA 13.
    2. In case if there are not eldest women then eldest men are eligible for ration card
    3. In case of individual they need a certificate about no ration card which is issued by Village Head/Gaon Panchayat President/Ward Commissioner/ Inspector, FCS&CA / Concerned Authority.
    4. The documents need to attach with application form and send to respective selection committee of block by gram seva for scrutiny and selection of person concerned through the block level selection and scrutiny committee.
    Duplicate ration card: - the duplicate ration card is provided to user if their original copy is lost, theft defaced, militated, and illegible to otherwise render useless no fault of holder of ration card. It is issued by the competent authority after verification charge appropriate fee.

    The person have ration card at pervious place: - this service is provided to user in case of government official or other person can transfer from one place o another. In case of surrender certificate they need concerning FCS & CA authority of place where person who residing previously. They need to attach all documents with application form in case of family identity card.

    After marriage entry to be made in ration card: - in this case they need deletion certificate of previous place of residence which is issued by FCS & CA authority.

    In case of birth of child: - for addition of new member in ration card, they need birth certificate of child is requiring along with ration card which need to addition here. They need to neatly hand written or typed on a plain paper address to the FCS & CA authority,

    Where to apply for issuance of ration card
    Applicant need to submit their ration card in FCS & CA authority of district or sub division office with all documents proof.

    Document required for new ration card
    • Application form in from-C must be submitted
    • Detailed particulars of family members
    • Copy of Tax pay / Land revenue pay receipt
    • Surrender certificate of ration card/ family identity holding or non availability certificate from the FCS&CA authority where the applicant was previously resided.
    • Copies of birth certificates of minor members who are Below 10 years in age
    • Certified copy of relevant page of Voter List/ voter card
    • Address Proof (attested copy of PAN card /driving license / bank passbook / post office passbook /municipal holding receipt / electricity bill / telephone bill/ water bill and other)
    Required documents for duplicate ration card
    • Self Declaration about ration card mulitaed/ lost
    • Application form of the Ration card holder
    • Police report about theft or lost
    Required documents for separate ration card
    • Application form
    • Surrender certificate(s) in original
    • Certificate from village head/Gaon panchayat president /ward commissioner
    • Proof of residence (water bill/ telephone bill/ electricity bill/ bank passbook first page and other)
    • No objection certificate by head of family of parental ration card for inclusion of additional members (attested copies)
    • Self declaration
    • Photo identity / election card/ pan / driving license card / passport
    • Proof of date of birth (birth certificate / 10th pass certificate / declared / other)
    • Parental ration cards in original
    Required documents for change of head of family
    • Original ration card
    • Death certificate in case of death of head of family
    • No objection certificate

    Required documents for child to adult conversion
    • Original ration card
    • Proof of date of birth (birth certificate / 10th pass certificate / as declared / other)
    Required documents for inclusion / deletion / surrender
    • Original ration card is needed here
    • Surrender certificate in original (for inclusion, if any)
    • Death certificate in case of death of a member
    • Local certificate / election card (voter card)/ PAN / driving license / passport
    • Proof of date of birth (Birth certificate/10th pass certificate/ declared/ other)

    Required documents for change of F.P.S and / or residential address
    • Original ration card
    • Photo identity / election identity card (voter card)/ PAN / driving license / passport
    Duties of card holder
    • Ration card is needed to keep in safe custody, it is not provided to any other person or PDS holder.
    • At time of Purchase ration, consumer needs to check quality, quantity and Wight of commodities. User need to collect receipt of cash memo with proper details enter here.
    • In case of loss/ damage of ration card/ change/ addition/ deletion in entries of ration card, applicant needs to contact to concerned circle office. There is no overwriting / alteration is needed by card holder.
    • In case of migration form one places to other or death them person’s name is cut on ration card as per rules provided by the food and civil supplies department. Death certificate or surrender certificate is needed here.
    User, check here all details about ration card like eligibility, documents and type of ration card. You need to read all details here then apply given services about ration. For more help, you need to contact to concerned circle office/ P.D.S center in your area.
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    my family ration card is not showing on the official website. where i have to check this.
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    my famely retion card is not showing on official web site .please check it and send me the website. pls pls pls
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    Hello Sir, I belong to Patharkandi, Karimganj district, Assam. I want to my sperate Ration Card to buy food grains at sufficient rate. As I'm sperate with my family and live with my wife and children. Tell me the process to apply online/offline to Ration Card.
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    New ration card Assam

    Applicant here we can provide all process at time of apply new ration card we can show here food and civil supplies department of Assam.
    Click here >> http://fcs.assam.gov.in/index.html
    This link can provide a web page to website of Assam you need to download here form and apply here services.

    Read other post

    New ration card >> https://www.indianreaders.com/threa...der-details-to-get-food-grains-in-assam.4768/
    It can provide complete information about new ration card you need to read all information then apply services.

    User, we can provide all details about ration card. Link is avail here so visit on both and apply for services.
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