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    disabilityaffairs.gov.in: - Pre matric scholarship for students with disability

    The post matric scholarship is given to students who have disability for their higher education by the department of empowerment of person with disability, government of India. They provide all facility for education of students who want to apply for given scholarship. They need some proof about their disability at time of apply here. Department can provide this scholarship in every school, institute so students are easily apply. They can provide here online website to help their citizens. It contain all information in computerize form so every person can apply and collect information here. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. In online or offline user need to fill application form and attach all original documents copy. If any of information found here wrong or documents are fake then application is reject and applicant are not able to apply pre matric scholarship in next time. After submit form here successful then application number is given to user so they check here status of form and also renew their scholarship after expire. So read all avail written in application receipt. This website is designed and developed by the self and it also belongs to them. They maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of web browser with latest version. But all content here is avail by the concerned department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old content which not used by any person. It proved all type of scholarship services and other also which is used by students for their education. It also avails in two languages, user need to select here any one if they want information about scholarship. For any help, they need to read here list of freqnlty asked question. All questions are read by user one by one and get solution about their quires. User also gives here feedback for avail services and some suggestion for improvement here. This portal is open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here form any place in which they feel comfortable about scholarship services. They need internet connection and computer services for apply here. Now read all details here and apply any services which are needed by then in any time with all documents proof and eligibly.

    // Pre matric scholarship for students with disability //

    • Objection of this scholarship is providing education help for those students who have disability. They can take higher education for make their future.
    • It is given to class 9 to 10th students who contain certificate of disability.
    General condition for pre matric scholarship
    • This scholarship is provided to students who can open to national of India only.
    • Students have less than 40 percent of disability (certified by competent medical authority of state government/ UT) is not eligible for it.
    • In one family not more than once children are eligible for scholarship services but in case of twin then scholarship is eligible.
    • It is avail for only one year in which students can study. If students can repeat class then they are not eligible for scholarship for second time.
    • The scholarship holder under this scheme is not eligible for any other scholarship or stipend. No scholarship is paid to students if get hold more than one scholarship.
    • The students who can take coaching in any of pre examination for government are not eligible for scholarship services.
    Students can read in class with regular and full time studying in class 9th or 10th in government school or in a school recognize by government or by a central / state board of secondary education.

    Value of pre matric scholarship

    It can include two types one is scholarship and other grant, second is allowance. You need to check here both: -

    Rate of scholarship and grant
    • Rate of scholarship in RS per year month payable for 10 month in an academic year: - day scholar (RS 350), hostellers (RS 600)
    • Book and adhoc grant (RS per annum): - day scholar (RS 750), hostellers (RS 1, 000)
    • Monthly reader allowance for blind students: - RS 160
    • Monthly transport allowance, if such students do not reside in the hostel which is within the premised of the education institution: - RS 160
    • Monthly escort allowance for severely disabled example with 80 percent or higher disability day scholar / student with low extremity disability: - RS 160
    • Monthly helper allowance admissible to any employer of hostel willing to extend help to a several orthopedically handicapped students residing in hostel of an education institute who may need the assistance who may need the assistance of a helper: - RS 160
    • Month coaching allowance to mentally retired and mentally ill students: - RS 240
    Number of scholarship and reservation for girls
    • Number of pre matric scholarship is sanctioned every year is 46, 000 only.
    • There are total number of 50 percent of total scholarship is avail each year for girl students. If number of girl students is not avail here then it given to suitable male children as per merit based or education.
    User, check here details for apply pre matric scholarship with disability. It provides eligibility, benefits and other details. You need to read all information here one by one and apply for given services in any time.
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