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    disabilityaffairs.gov.in: - National Overseas scholarship for students with disability

    For national overseas scholarship with disability services help students for study in foreign country for their higher education name as master degree, P. hD. This service is provided by the department of empowerment of person with disability, government of India. They provide all details to user about given scholarship services. They need some proof about their education in foreign country. They provide all details like eligibility, befits and other details with rate of scholarship services. They provide online website to help their citizens, it contain all details in computerize form so every person can apply here. They need application form and procedures for apply NOS scholarship services. After receiving form user need to enter here correct details. If any of mistake found in form, then it rejected in department in which submit? User need to collect here application number before submit form. It used for check status and renew of scholarship. They need to read all avail in avail portal with full information then apply required services. This online portal is designed and developed by the self department. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of latest browser. But all content here is avail by the concerned department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old content which not used by any person. So check all information avail here about different type of scholarship services. It contains two languages, user need to select here anyone and read all details here one by one. For any help, user can check here list of freqnlty asked question. Read here all question one by one and get solution about their quires in short time. Now read all question here one by one with slowly and get solution here. User need to update their mobile number and e mail id for recover application id and other services about scholarship. It provides different type of application form so user can download then and apply for services which are needed by them. User needs to given here feedback for avail services and some suggestion for improvement in portal. This portal is avail here all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply in any place they feel comfortable. Contact address given here so note down here and visit here for manual services in any time.

    // National Overseas scholarship for students with disability //

    Scheme can cover
    This schema is given to those students who can study in master level courses and Ph. D abroad in following specified fields: -
    Engineering & Management
    pure sciences and applied science
    Agricultural Science & Medicine
    Commerce, Accounting & Finance and
    Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts.

    Number of Scholarships: - number of 20 scholarships per year are available under the Scheme are given to users
    there are Bachelor level courses in any discipline are not cover under this scheme.

    Minimum qualification
    For Ph. D: - for first class or 55 %( fifty five per cent) marks or equivalent grade in relevant master’s degree. here preference is given to the experienced candidates, mostly those who are on lien with their existing post and employer
    For master degree: - it give to those students who get 55 %( fifty five per cent) marks or equivalent grade in relevant bachelor’s degree. here preference is given to the experienced candidates, mostly those who are on lien with their existing post and employer

    Age limit
    Their age is less than 35 year on first day of month of advertisement of the scheme

    Income ceiling
    • The total income from all sources of the employed candidate or his/ her parents/ guardians, shall not more than Rs.6, 00,000 (Indian rupees six lakh only) per annum.
    • A copy of latest tax assessment with latest monthly salary slip from the employer is needed to be enclosed with the application form.

    Two children in a family and one time award
    In family not more than one child of same parents / guardian will eligible. A self certificate is required form candidates.

    Earning form research / teaching assistance ship
    The awards are given to supplement their prescribed allowances by undertaking Research/ teaching Assistantship up to US$ 2400 (US dollars two thousand four hundred) per annum and for awardees in United Kingdom, GBP1560 (Great Britain pound one thousand five hundred sixty only) per annum is given to them

    Duration of award with financial assistance
    Ph.D: - 04 years (Four years)
    Masters degree: - 03 years (Three years)

    List of identified subject/ disciplines under the Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

    Engineering and medicines
    1. Bio technology/ genetic engineering
    2. Industrial Environmental Engineering
    3. Nano technology
    4. Marine Engineering
    5. Petro Chemical Engineering
    6. Plastic Technology
    7. Cryogenic Engineering
    8. Mechatronics
    9. Automation Robotics in including Artificial Intelligence
    10. Laser Technology
    11. Radiology
    12. Low temperature thermal dynamics
    13. Dock and harbor engineering
    14. Imaging system technology
    15. Composite materials engineering including decentralized power distribution (for solar heat) system, energy storage Engineering, energy conservation, energy efficient habitat engineering
    16. Packaging engineering / technology
    17. Nuclear engineering
    18. Information technology including computer engineering, software, software quality assurance, networking/ connectivity engineering, communication system under hazardous or post- disaster conditions, multimedia communication
    19. Industrial safety engineering
    20. Neurology
    21. Pediatrics
    Humanities and Social Science
    1. Economics
    2. Anthropology
    3. Sociology
    4. Journalism & mass communication
    Pure Science/ Applied Science
    1. Ocean and atmospheric science
    2. Mathematics
    3. Molecular Biology
    4. Physics
    5. Chemistry
    Agriculture/ Allied field
    1. Agriculture and agro technology
    2. Agronomy
    3. Forestry
    4. Floriculture & landscaping
    5. Food sciences & technology
    6. Forestry & natural resources
    7. Horticulture
    8. Plant pathology
    9. Farm power & machinery
    10. Veterinary sciences
    11. Soils & water management
    12. plant breeding & genetics
    13. small-scale rural technology
    Finance/ management
    1. corporate finance
    2. development finance
    3. business management
    User, check here details about national overseas scholarship here. You need to read all details here then apply required services. It provide list of courses, eligibility and other details so read then one by one.
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